Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Greetings!  These are a few of our recent transformations. Our "afters".  It is our hope and intention to take better before and during photos so others can learn along with us on this creative journey.  Sheri and I are busy Moms of several teenage children.  About 8 months ago we decided to collaborate on a creative process.  We are hoping to expand our horizons and make a little money along the way.  It was not long before we settled on re-styling furniture.  We love the idea of up and recycling! There are so many forgotten pieces of furniture in thrift stores, basements, homes and curb side just begging for a make over.  Why purchase something new when these pieces have so much character, style, and usability left in them?  We are entirely self taught in this endeavor, pouring over  the Internet and basically working by trial and error.  We look for inspiration everywhere but would love to inspire others as well.